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The Jenner Institute comprises the research activities of 28 Jenner Investigators located at different sites of the University of Oxford, The Pirbright Institute and the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency. The administrative headquarters and main laboratories for human vaccine development are located at the Jenner Institute Laboratories, Old Road Campus Research Building, in Headington, Oxford. This model results in an Institute dispersed across multiple sites, providing Investigators with access to a wide range of expertise and specialist Core Facilities. Each Jenner Investigator leads a Vaccine Programme employing post-docs, research assistants and doctoral students to undertake research in one or several disease areas. Programmes in the later stages of vaccine development also include Clinical Research Fellows, who are the trial physicians responsible for the planning, implementation and analysis of clinical vaccine trials in the UK and in overseas field sites.

Jeremy Aboagye

Research Assistant, Liverstage Malaria and Outbreak Pathogen Vaccine Trials

Reinaldo Acevedo Grogues

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Elizabeth Allen

Postdoctoral Scientist

Yoanna Ariosa-Morejon

Daphne Jackson Fellow

Rebecca Ashfield

Senior Project Manager - GMP

Andrea Baines

Project Manager

Megan Baker

Clinical Research Nurse

Martino Bardelli

Postdoctoral Virologist

Jordan Barrett

Clinical Immunology Research Assistant

Sandra Belij-Rammerstorfer

Postdoctoral Scientist

Duncan Bellamy

Laboratory Research Assistant & DPhil Student

Mustapha Bittaye

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Eden Black

Immunology Research Assistant

Nicola Borthwick

Postdoctoral Immunologist

Amy Boyd

Senior Project Manager

Anthony Brown

Research Assistant

Charlie Brown-Sullivan

Clinical Trials Assistant

Nicholas Byard

Assistant Volunteer & Communications Co-ordinator

Ingrid Cabrera Puig

TB Vaccine Project Manager

Federica Cappuccini

Senior Post Doctoral Scientist

Jee-Sun Cho

Trainee Clinical Project Manager

Wendy Crocker


Alison Crook

Project Manager

Mehreen Datoo

Clinical Research Fellow and DPhil Student

Hannah Davies

Preclinical Research Assistant

Sophie Davies

Research Assistant

Danielle Deuker

Research Assistant, Protein/VLP Purification

Rebecca Powell Doherty

Postdoctoral Scientist

Christina Dold

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Francesca Donnellan

MRC iCASE DPhil Student and Research Assistant

Nick Edwards

Senior Research Assistant

Omar El Muhanna

Senior Operations Manager, the Clinical Biomanufacturing Facility

Aadil El-turabi

Vaccinologist specialising in Virus-Like Particles

Sean Elias

Post-doctoral Scientist & Public Engagement with Research Leader

Rhianon Evans

Laboratory Assistant and Junior Technician

Joannah Fergusson

Postdoctoral Scientist in Immunology

Amy Flaxman

Postdoctoral scientist

Pedro Folegatti

Clinical Research Fellow

Jamie Fowler

Research Assistant in Outbreak Pathogen Vaccine Trials and Laboratory Research ...

Julie Furze

Laboratory Manager

Michelle Fuskova

Volunteer Coordinator and BRC Theme Liaison Coordinator

Leila Godfrey

Postdoctoral Immunologist

Cyndi Goh

Clinical Research Fellow

Giacomo Gorini

Postdoctoral Antibody Immunologist

Elizabeth Gray

Senior Project Manager

Nicola Greenwood

Clinical Research Nurse

Charlotte Hague

Finance & Project Manager

Gemma Hancock

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

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