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There are several other funding opportunities if you interested in undertaking a PhD at the Jenner Institute. While the Institute does not itself fund studentships, please study the below options and follow the application procedures indicated for each funding option. Please remember to contact a potential supervisor well in advance of the deadline so there is time to review your CV and to agree on a possible project if your application is successful.

University of Oxford/University of Cape Town PhD Exchange Programme 

Call for PhD students to participate in a 4 month University of Cape Town exchange - deadline 16th February 2018

A call for 2018 applications for the Newton/RCUK PhD partnership scheme is open to all PhD students within Medical Sciences, including students who have already previously applied and taken part in the exchange. There is an opportunity for University of Oxford PhD students to visit the University of Cape Town on a 4 month exchange visit, with an equivalent opportunity for University of Cape Town PhD students to visit the University of Oxford. The scheme will cover the costs of these exchange visits, a stipend, a contribution to research and bench fees or equivalent and additional partnering activities. The additional partnering activities will include a networking meeting in September 2018 and there is funding available for Oxford PIs and Oxford students to travel to Cape Town for this meeting.

The Oxford PI for the scheme is Professor Helen McShane, the Jenner Institute. Selection criteria will include: quality of application, impact of project and future pathway for both student and partnership. Preference will be given to students with excellent projects and those who do not have current funding for such an exchange. Preference may also be given to students who are closely linked with Historically Disadvantaged Institutions in South Africa.

This is a really exciting opportunity for both students and departments at UOXF/UCT and students are highly encouraged to apply. Travel to Cape Town University can be made until the end of December 2018. If you have any questions please email Rebecca Powell Doherty

Closing deadline: 17h00, 16th February 2018.

Download application form here.

University of Oxford application forms should go to Rebecca Powell Doherty by 17h00 on 16th February 2018.

University of Cape Town application forms should go to, Michelle Fisher by 17h00 on 16th February 2018

NDM Prize Studentship

As part of the Nuffield Department of Medicine, the Jenner Institute offers doctoral studies through the NDM Prize Studentships. These are fully-funded awards and are open to outstanding candidates from any country without restriction. Both subject specific and generic training in research skills will be provided.

Specific training will be available in molecular biology, vector construction, virology, immunization techniques, a large variety of immunoassays, parasitology, statistical analysis of data and experimental design. The Institute's activities spanning vaccinology, immunology and human genetics will provide exposure to a broad range of research and development activities in the biomedical sciences.

To apply for an NDM Studentship please send your CV to the relevant supervisor to express your interest and follow the application procedures outlined on the webpage.

Wellcome Trust 4-year rotational programme

This Wellcome Trust funded PhD in Infection Immunology and Translational Medicine offers the student the opportunity of working in three different laboratories within the first year of study to tailor an individual student package. Students can then make an informed choice about where to undertake their thesis research project for the subsequent three years.

The choice of laboratories for the PhD is made from a list of over 40 world class supervisors, several of whom are researchers at the Jenner Institute.

NIH and Oxford Scholarship Program

This scheme provides opportunities for the most promising postgraduate students from the United States to undertake collaborative four-year PhD training based in both Oxford and the intramural campus of the National Institutes of Health at Bethesda (Maryland, USA).

More details are available at NIH-Oxford-Cambridge Scholars' Programme.

Other studentship opportunities

Additional funding sources are listed here: