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I work full-time. Is there any flexibility with timings for visits?  Yes, our clinics run 7.30am-10.30am weekdays, so we can usually fit you in before you need to be at work.  The only appointments you may need to take a little time out for are our screenings (1.5-2 hours) and vaccinations (approximately 2-2.5 hours). Please note that the clinic is not open at the weekend.

How long do follow-up visits generally take?  Follow-up visits usually take 15-30 minutes. The number of follow-ups varies between trials. Full details can be found in the information sheets for each trial. 
What happens if I need to contact someone outside of office hours?  When you are enrolled in a study you will be given a card which has details of contact numbers during office hours and a 24-hour emergency number should you have any concerns at any other time.
What if I change my mind? You are free to withdraw from a trial at any time. See Consent and Withdrawal for more information.
Will my GP be informed?  Yes, after the screening we will write to your GP giving details of the study, and asking whether there is any reason they think it would not be advisable to enrol you.
Is it safe?  All vaccinations, whether licensed or unlicensed, have the potential to cause side effects or reactions and there are potential risks associated with any medical procedure. The safety of volunteers in our studies is paramount and volunteers are closely monitored following vaccinations or other medical procedures. The trial information sheets (available here) give more information of the risks involved in a particular study.  Our aim is to help you to make an informed decision about participating in any trial, and trial staff will be happy to answer any questions you have relating to the vaccine(s) or procedures involved in a particular study.
Will I get paid?  Yes, you will be reimbursed for your time, travel and blood tests. Full details of the amounts can be found in the individual trial patient information sheets via our recruiting trials page.
How do I get to you?  We are based on the Churchill Hospital site in Oxford. You can find details of how to find us here.
Do I need to fast for my screening appointment?  No. On the day of your screening, you should eat and drink as you normally would.
What do I need to bring to my screening?  You will need to bring the following with you:
  1. Your National Insurance (NI) number, or your passport if you do not have an NI number.
  2. Contact details for your GP practice in the UK*.
  3. Your bank sort code and account number which will be used for trial reimbursement.
  4. An official form of photo ID which will be your passport, driving licence or National Identity Card - please note that your student ID card or work ID card cannot be accepted.   
*you must be registered with a GP in the UK to take part in a trial.