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Contact: Bioprocess & Analytical Development (BiPAD)

The Jenner Institute Laboratories

University of Oxford

Old Road Campus Research Building (ORCRB)

Roosevelt Drive Oxford OX3 7DQ


how can we help you

BiPAD can support your team in taking your ideas from the laboratory to the clinic. Whether you're part of the University of Oxford, from another academic setting, or from industry, our experience across academic and industrial research means we can increase your chances of success.

We can assist you in making sure your product if going to meet the good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations required for producing medicines and using them in clinical trials. BiPAD is not a GMP manufacturing facility, instead we fill the gap between innovative laboratory research and GMP. We make sure that the processes developed for manufacturing are GMP compliant, that validated analytical assays are in place, and that technology transfer to a GMP manufacturing facility is successful.

It doesn’t matter what stage your project is at: from seeking funds, to developing your bioprocess or preparing to enter clinical trials – BiPAD is here to help in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Meet the team




The BiPAD team

Sandy Douglas - Director    Stanislav Pepeliaev - Team Leader    Shawkat Hussain - Senior Scientist

                   Jackie Chen - Senior Scientist     Adam Ritchie - Senior Project Manager

 services provided

BiPAD provides support across all the activites in blue, covering all stages of your project from process development, analytics, regulatory affairs, and technology transfer to GMP manufacturers.

What we can do for you

 available equipment


The BiPAD team has an access to a broad range of process and analytical equipment. The upstream equipment enables the strictly controlled cultivation of a variety of different hosts at different scales (from 1 mL to 10 L and beyond). It consists of

· A range of advanced shaking incubators with CO2 and humidity control;

· Four-fold high-throughput bioreactor system equipped with single-use vessels for faster process development;

· High-volume bioreactor systems with both single-use and autoclavable glass vessels for scale-up verification and material generation;

· Access to clone selection tools.

Upstream equipment


The available downstream equipment allows to process the biological material and isolate pure final products at a lab to pilot-plant scale. This includes

· High pressure homogeniser for bacterial and yeast cell disruption;

· Multiple AKTA Pure chromatography systems for protein and nucleic acid isolation and purification;

· Tangential Flow Filtration system for biomolecules separation, buffer exchange and concentration

· A wide range of auxiliary equipment necessary for successful isolation and purification of target molecules

Downstream equipment


The quality of target biomolecules is constantly monitored during the process development, material generation and final formulation. A broad range of instruments and techniques is used:

· In-process control sensors

· Cell counter

· Metabolite analyser

· HPLC system equipped with multiple sensors: UV, DLS, conductivity

· Quantitative PCR

· Endotoxin analysis

Analytical equipment




We welcome opportunities for collaboration or business partnership; enquiries can be directed to