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Here are some mobile apps developed by the NDM. Completely free.
For technical questions, feedback, bugs, please get in touch.


The Life Cycle of Malaria

An educational 3D game about malaria.

For Android


Global Health 1001

Study the TOP-1000 global health terminologies on-the-go! Flip through flashcards and rate your level of understanding to track progress.

For iPhone


Flu, Ebola, Malaria, TB quiz NEW

A simple 40 question touch quiz covering common questions about Ebola, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Flu. How many questions can you get right? Try it now in your web browser: click here!

For Android


Vaccine Knowledge NEW

The Vaccine Knowledge app provides independent, evidence-based information about vaccines and infectious diseases. The content is aimed at the general public and written with a UK audience in mind, but may also contain useful information for users in other countries. Scientific content is overseen by academic staff from Oxford Vaccine Group at the University of Oxford.

Vaccines: comprehensive, up-to-date information about all the vaccines in the UK routine schedule and the diseases they protect against.
Personalised Vaccine Information: an interactive feature where you can enter your children’s dates of birth and find out which vaccines are due.
FAQs: answers to many of the questions that parents ask about vaccines.
Short stories: short films about the impact of infectious diseases.
News and comment: a link to the Vaccine Knowledge Project blog with news and comment about vaccine issues in the UK.
Developer: Yama G.Farooq

For iPhone

More apps coming soon.