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The Jenner Institute Laboratories
University of Oxford
Old Road Campus Research Building (ORCRB)
Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7DQ

Director's Office: +44 (0)1865 617611

Map of the Old Road Campus

The Jenner Institute Laboratories were established in 2007 to provide a base for the Institute's human vaccine research, and to serve as administrative headquarters.

The Laboratories are located in the newly built Old Road Campus Research Building in Headington, Oxford. They were constructed and equipped with funding by the University's Nuffield Department of Medicine, the Jenner Vaccine Foundation and the Wolfson Foundation.

The Laboratories house the Director's office and the administrative team, and the three Jenner Core Facilities - the Adjuvant Bank, Viral Vector Core and Flowcytometry Core.

Five Jenner Investigators have their base here: Simon Draper (Blood-stage Malaria), Sarah Gilbert (Influenza), Tom Hanke (HIV), Adrian Hill (Malaria), Helen McShane (TB) and Arturo Reyes-Sandoval (Malaria Vivax) as well as several Group Leaders. In all, around 52 staff and 18 students currently work in the labs and offices.