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Work packages


WORK PACKAGE 1 - Controlled Human Malaria Infection Vaccine Trials in East Africa

The main objective of WP1 is to undertake clinical vaccine trials involving controlled human malaria infection (CHMI) in Kenya and Tanzania.


WORK PACKAGE 2 - Age de-escalation phase I trials in Kenya and in The Gambia

The main objective of WP2 is to undertake age de-escalation phase I trials in Kenya and The Gambia.


WORK PACKAGE 3 - Phase IIb vaccine efficacy trial against clinical malaria in infants

The main objective of WP3 is to undertake a large multi-stage malaria vaccine phase II efficacy trial in 400 infants (5-9 months of age) in 3 African countries; Kenya, Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso


WORK PACKAGE 4 - Transmission-blocking vaccine trials

The main objectives of WP4 are to identify Burkinabe villages with high malaria transmission rates then to undertake a large malaria vaccine phase IIb efficacy trial using the transmission blocking vaccine, Pfs25-IMX313 in children, and finally, to test the impact of this vaccine on mosquito-to-human transmission in Kilifi, Kenya.


WORK PACKAGE 5 - Capacity-building and Networking

The main objectives of WP5 are to undertake capacity building and to facilitate networking between corsortium partners as well as support African students in short and long term training programmes


WORK PACKAGE 6 - Management and Sponsorship

The main objectives of WP6 is to set up an appropriate and effective project management framework for the project.