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The Jenner Vaccine Foundation

The Foundation seeks to enhance philanthropic support of vaccinology and is currently evaluating options for enhanced fundraising activities. The Foundation currently supports vaccine research and development through the Jenner Institute. The Foundation Board appoints the Director of the Institute, elects Jenner Investigators (currently numbering 29) and has funded space and facilities for vaccine research and development.

The Foundation actively supports enhanced collaborative interactions between researchers at The Pirbright Institute working on veterinary vaccines and those at Oxford University developing new vaccines for human use. The Foundation has also provided support for scientists from the former Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research to continue their work as part of the Jenner Institute. The Foundation draws Trustees from both Oxford University and the Pirbright Institute and has an external chair and three further independent trustees.


Prof David Salisbury CB (Chairman), Chair of WHO Global Commission for Certification of Polio Eradication

Dr Bryan Charleston, Director of The Pirbright Institute

Prof Helen Fletcher, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dr Michael Francis, BioVacc Consulting Ltd, UK

Prof Venugopal Nair, Head of Avian Viral Diseases Programme, The Pirbright Institute

Prof Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford

Prof Gavin Screaton, Director of the Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford


Photo Credit: Sean Elias, University of Oxford