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Breakthrough: The race for the Covid vaccine  (BBC World Service)

Dr Kevin Fong talks to the people (including scientists from the the Jenner Institute) who have seemingly achieved the impossible and created a coronavirus vaccine in a matter of months. BBC: The Documentary


The Race For A Vaccine (BBC Panorama)

The inside story of the development of the Oxford vaccine against Covid-19. Fergus Walsh scrutinises the data that has come out of the trials, and examines the vaccination's efficacy and safety. BBC Episode


I Don’t Get It episode 13 – Coronavirus: can it be prevented?

Sky Kids FYI presenter Tilly finds out about previous pandemics, and investigates the work that’s being done to find a vaccine for the coronavirus. 

First News: IDGI Episode 13


Oxford Vaccine Team  | This Morning

They are the team who have given us hope after ten long months of lockdowns, disruption and of course the loss of so many lives. While the world stood still, watching the number of deaths and infections steadily rise, an incredible mainly-female team spent hours hunched over microscopes and trawling through data. All the while juggling the demands of young families and home-schooling. In November the team at Oxford University were finally rewarded with the news that their vaccine was effective and on Monday it was rolled out across the UK. We speak to two of the women behind the jab - Professor Katie Ewer and Dr Maheshi Ramasamy. Broadcast on 06/01/21

Interview Clip Here


What would a world without Vaccines be like?

Thanks to vaccines, many of us have grown up without fear of contracting diseases such as polio and diphtheria. Do we take them for granted? Made as a collaboration between the BBC and Royal Society. Contribution by the Jenner Institute's Dr Mustapha Bittaye.

BBC Video Here