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The Jenner Institute comprises the research activities of 36 Jenner Investigators located at different sites of the University of Oxford, The Pirbright Institute and the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency. The administrative headquarters and main laboratories for human vaccine development are located at the Jenner Institute Laboratories, Old Road Campus Research Building, in Headington, Oxford. This model results in an Institute dispersed across multiple sites, providing Investigators with access to a wide range of expertise and specialist Core Facilities. Each Jenner Investigator leads a Vaccine Programme employing post-docs, research assistants and doctoral students to undertake research in one or several disease areas. Programmes in the later stages of vaccine development also include Clinical Research Fellows, who are the trial physicians responsible for the planning, implementation and analysis of clinical vaccine trials in the UK and in overseas field sites.

Martin Bachmann

Professor of Vaccinology, Group Head / PI and Supervisor

Ellie (Eleanor) Barnes

Professor of Hepatology and Experimental Medicine

Philip Bejon

Director Modernising Medical Microbiology

Sumi Biswas

Associate Professor

Persephone Borrow

Professor of Viral Immunology

Bryan Charleston

Director and Group Head, The Pirbright Institute

Linda Dixon

Group Head / PI and Supervisor

Lucy Dorrell

Professor of Immunology

Alexander (Sandy) Douglas

Associate Professor

Simon Draper

Professor of Vaccinology and Translational Medicine

Susanna Dunachie

Professor of Infectious Diseases

Sarah Gilbert

Said Professorship of Vaccinology (DBE)

Tomas Hanke

Professor of Vaccine Immunology

Adrian Hill


Paul Klenerman

Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology

Teresa Lambe

Professor of Vaccinology & Immunology, Calleva Head of Vaccine Immunology

Calman MacLennan

Professor of Vaccine Immunology (University of Birmingham)

Martin Maiden

Group Head / PI and Member of congregation

Andrew McMichael

Professor of Molecular Medicine

Helen McShane

Professor of Vaccinology

Anita Milicic

Group Leader, Vaccine Formulation and Adjuvants

Richard Moxon

Group Head / PI

Venugopal Nair

Group Head / PI

Brian Perry

Visiting Professor of Tropical Veterinary Science, University of Oxford

Andrew Pollard

Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group

Christine S. Rollier

Associate Professor in Vaccinology

Sarah Rowland-Jones

Professor of Immunology

Quentin Sattentau

Group Head / PI, Fellow, Member of congregation and Supervisor

Adrian Smith

Associate Professor of Zoology

David Stuart

Professor of Structural Biology

Rachel Tanner

Associate Professor

George Warimwe

Dr, Principal Investigator