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Brian Perry

Visiting Professor of Tropical Veterinary Science, University of Oxford

Brian Perry, veterinarian and epidemiologist, has specialized in methodologies to determine the impacts, both biophysical and economic, of diseases and of alternative strategies and policies to control them, with particular emphasis on how animal disease control can contribute to poverty reduction. He led a landmark study for DFID to determine priority research investment options for poverty reduction in Africa and Asia, and has undertaken several economic impact evaluations of alternative policies for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) control in South East Asia, the Andean region of South America, Uruguay and southern Africa.

Brian currently hold advisory positions related to the roles of vaccines in international development. He sits on the judging panel of the AgResults funded Brucella melitensis vaccine pilot (, and on the Technical Committee of the AgResults Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Challenge Project ( He is a member of the network management board of the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network (, and is on the International Committee of World Horse Welfare.

He has led many independent evaluations of public funding in research and development, including of the UN’s global avian influenza control programme, of the UN’s agricultural programmes in Ethiopia, of the World Bank’s investment in avian influenza control in Nigeria, the EU’s programme to resuscitate agricultural development in Swaziland, the Luxemburg’s support to agriculture in remote areas of Kosovo and Montenegro, and of the FAO’s programme on FMD control in the Andean region of South America.

He recently co-authored a vision paper for FAO on the future contributions of livestock to food security in the Near East and North Africa. In 2015 he was awarded an honorary doctorate at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala.

A selection of his recent publications and presentations is provided below:

Perry, B. D., Rich, Karl M., Perez Andres M. (2023). Editorial: Challenging standards and paradigms to support animal disease prevention and control. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 10     DOI=10.3389/fvets.2023.1208023    ISSN=2297-1769  

Perry BD, Aklilu Gebreyes Y, Hailemariam S, Legese G, Smyth K, Peters AR, Allan FK, Tegegne A. (2022). A multi-stakeholder participatory pilot study of the data demands of the future Ethiopian dairy sector. Gates Open Res. 2022 Aug 2;6:51. doi: 10.12688/gatesopenres.13594.3. PMID: 35923864; PMCID: PMC9296832. 

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Perry, B.D. and Dijkman, J. T. (2021). Livestock production systems, their responses to animal source food demands, and the implications for animal health services. In: Veterinary Services in a changing world: climate change and other external factors. OIE Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. 40 (2), 40 (2), 383-394

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Brian D. Perry, Yacob Aklilu, Solomon Hailemariam, Getachew Legese, Karen Smyth, Andrew R. Peters, Fiona K. Allan, Azage Tegegne (2022). A pilot study of the data demands of different stakeholders for the future Ethiopian dairy sector, Gates Open Res, 6:51   

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