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Alejandro Diaz-Hernandez


In 2022, I completed a BSc & MSc in Medical Biotechnology and Microbiology at the Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, Mexico. During my undergraduate studies I conducted several internships, including: Morphological analysis of neurons; Detection and standardization of HPV genotype by molecular methods; and a six-month fully funded exchange in the Universidad Nacional de Asunción. I developed my BSc thesis on the in vitro development, expression, and in vivo evaluation of a vaccine for Chagas disease, which resulted in a regional award.  

For my MSc I was awarded a two-year fully funded scholarship to study the development of an mRNA vaccine through in silico analysis against T. cruzi. This research resulted in two papers as FA, and a Travel grant award to present it in the University of Notre Dame, USA. During this time, I also got experience in science communication and full-time teaching.

Currently, I am doing my DPhil in Clinical Medicine at the Jenner Institute, supported by the University of Oxford, BUAP and ESRU trust. My interest as a Doctoral student is the development of mRNA technology and optimization for its use as a vaccine, under the supervision of Dr. Cesar Lopez-Camacho and Prof. Adrian Hill.

In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and cycling.