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These FAQs are intended to be a helpful addition to the intranet. If you have any suggestions or comments this would be highly appreciated, please email these suggestons to the Business Manager

  • How do I book a room? If you would like to book a room at ORCRB then please contact ORCRB reception. If you would like to book a room at CCVTM then please contact CCVTM reception. If you would like to book a room at NDM Research Building please contact NDM RB reception.
  • I am a new starter, where do I go for an induction? The HR Team will start by giving you an HR induction. They will be able to explain further about the IT induction and the building induction. Please contact the HR Team to co-ordinate your induction.
  • How do I access my email remotely? If you would like to access your emails remotely you will need to request a Single Sign On for remote access. Please follow this link to request access. Or email the Jenner IT helpdesk.
  • I want to be added to the Jenner Social Mailing List, how do I do this? Please contact the HR Team who will be able to set you up with access to any of the Jenner Mailing Lists.
  • I want to apply for funding, where do I start? Please go to the 'Grants' section of the intranet for more details about funding. Or Alternatively our Grants Team will be able to advise you further.
  • How do I claim expenses? Please go to the 'Finance' section of the intranet, or email the Finance Team.
  • How do I report a fault? If it is a fault in the lab, then please contact the Lab Manager. If it is a fault in the building, please contact the Facilities Manager Charles Parkins.
  • Do I need a building induction? Yes. Everyone working at the Jenner will need a building induction. This can be discussed in your HR induction. Or please contact Charles Parkins.
  • Where is my nearest fire exit? This will be discussed in your building induction.