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Emerging or Outbreak pathogens sporadically appear and have the potential to cause epidemics or pandemics, the occurrence of these outbreaks has significantly increased in recent years.

After the Ebolavirus outbreak of 2013-2016 the World Health Organization and other government bodies generated a list of pathogens believed to have pandemic potential. The prioritisation of these pathogens for accelerated R&D to generate intervention therapies to prevent a public health emergency was recommended.

The Lambe Group at the Jenner Institute focused on developing novel vaccines against a number of these pathogens. We work collaboratively on bigger projects such as COVID-19 vaccine trials. We also perform independent research on some of the other Emerging Pathogen vaccine projects.

The Lambe group is currently developing vaccines against a number of outbreak pathogens including Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus, Lassa virus, Nipah virus, Influenza, Ebolavirus and coronaviruses.

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