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Your network account grants you access to network storage areas, printing facilities, an email account, and remote network access via our VPN service. If you are a new starter, then please refer to the New Starter page on the right hand side. 


There are two usernames you will require whilst working at the Jenner:

  1. Novell login: This login is assigned by MSD IT. MSD is the IT service team who look after Oxford University's Medical Sciences Division. As a general rule your login will consist of your first initial, followed by your surname (i.e Andrew Allen has a user name of aallen). If you are a new starter, the Jenner HR and IT team will provide you with login details as part of your induction.
  2. Single Sign On (SSO): Your SSO is assigned by Oxford University, for more information about SSO please follow this link.

Accessing The Network From Windows

When logging on to a PC you will be using a program called Novell Zenworks. Once logged in, a script will run, enabling you to have your drives mapped. Access to drives will be based on the permissions you have been allocated. The automatic drives are as follows:

  • H:\ for your Personal Drive
  • S:\ for the Jenner Hill Drive

If you require access to other drives please contact the IT Manager. If you are unsure which drives you should be accessing, then please speak to your Line Manager or Supervisor. 

Accessing The Network From A Macintosh Computer

There is no Novell client for Mac. When in finder you will need to select 'Go' then choose 'Connect to server':

  • S drive = afp:// (folder is called hill_group)
  • H drive = afp://


The default program for the Jenner Institute is Microsoft Outlook. Please note that you can gain quick access to your email via a browser by following this link. For more information about configuring your email, please go to the Configuring Email page on the right hand side.

Mailing Lists

For details regarding the Jenner mailing lists please go to the Mailing List page on the right hand side.

Remote Access

Remote access is controlled externally via the Oxford University registration pages. If you require remote access then please make a request by following this link. For more information regarding wireless network, please go to the Wireless Network page on the right hand side.