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The Jenner uses Microsoft Outlook. Below you will find details on how to set up your Outlook account.

Accessing Outlook

For Windows

  • Step 1. Click the 'Start' button: select 'All Programmes'; select 'Installers' and 'Configure Outlook'.


  • Step 2. Agree to the popup message and wait for the blue box to load.


  • Step 3. Follow the on screen instructions inserting your SSO (Single Sign On) and your Email address. Then next screen will inform you that Outlook needs to know your server ( hit enter.
  • Step 4. The following popup will appear. Enter your details as followed with your email password.




  • Outlook should now be loaded correctly.

    For Mac using Outlook 2011 please contact the IT Helpdesk.


  • If you are experiencing difficulties with Outlook, or you are wanting to access your emails remotely, you can do this via WebMail. Simply launch the Web Browser of your choice and enter in the address field. You can enter WebMail using your SSO and email password.

    Please contact the IT Helpdesk if you require assistance with configuring Outlook or with accessing Webmail.