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  • I receive ‘Insufficient Privileges’ error message when raising a requisition on R12? This could be because the grant code has expired or has insufficient funds. Or your access may not enable you to order from a specific grant. Please contact the R12 Helpdesk for advice.
  • I would like to order from a General Ledger Account code but I am unable to enter the correct information? Leave as default, but in the ’notes to requisition’ field enter the code details.
  • What do I do if I am unsure what grant code to charge my requisition to? You should ask your supervisor.
  • I just need a Purchase Order Number and would not like the Purchase Order to be issued to the supplier? You should put this request in the ‘notes to requisition’ field, but also email the Purchasing Officer and confirm that you only want the PO number.
  • If I am responsible for approving requisitions but I will be away from work, how can I delegate this to an alternative member of staff? You will need to set up a ‘vacation rule’. The link to set this rule up can be found on your R12 homepage. If you require assistance with this, please contact the Purchasing Team.
  • I have submitted an Expense Claim. When should I expect to receive reimbursement? Under normal circumstances you should expect reimbursement within two to three weeks. All claims must be sent to the Finance Office when fully completed.