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Skype is a cost effective and collaborative tool for connecting with others. The University of Oxford no longer requires any special configuration for those using Skype.

It is perfectly acceptable to use OWL or Eduroam for Skype, although we recommend you use a wired network connection, if possible, for a better quality connection and Skype experience.

HR has a Skype account for interviews, for access please contact the IT Helpdesk for further assistance.

How to use

Skype is easy to use, there is no special configuration.  Download Skype from here:

Download Skype

Step One:

Login using HR's Jenner Insitute credentials.


Step Two:

Search Skype for the interview candidate (The will have to provide you their Skype user name).


Step Three:

Add them to your Contacts.


Step Four:

Select the contact to call.


Step Five:

Initiate a Video call.


Step Six:

Pres the red phone button to disconect When Finished: