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Ebola Virus Vaccine Study (EBL07)

What is the purpose of this trial? 

The world needs new vaccines against Ebola: a lethal viral disease capable of causing devastating outbreaks.

We are carrying out a clinical trial of a new Ebola vaccine called ‘ChAdOx1 biEBOV’ which is designed to target two of the deadliest species of Ebola-causing viruses. The vaccine is based on the ChAdOx1 vaccine technology that we previously successfully used to develop the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

The purpose of this study is to test a new Ebola vaccine called ‘ChAdOx1 biEBOV’ in healthy volunteers aged 18-55 years. The trial will give us valuable information on the safety of the vaccine and the immune response it creates in healthy volunteers and will involve giving participants one dose of the vaccine and then following them up over 6 months.



Full eligibility details are contained in the participant information sheet.

What does the trial involve?


Study Name


Participant Information Sheet

Click here

Financial Reimbursement


Who can take part?

Healthy adult volunteers aged 18-55 that have not had the Oxford/ AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccination (full criteria listed in the trial info sheet)

Vaccine being tested

A single dose of ChAdOx1 biEBOV, our new “double acting” Ebola vaccine, at either a low, medium or higher dose.

Total participants

Approximately 26 participants

Study Aims

To test safety and immune responses to this vaccine


CCVTM, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

Risks of participation:

A full discussion of risks, including potential rare but serious reactions is contained within the trial info sheet. As this is a phase 1 study, we will monitor the safety of all participants closely. Short-lived post vaccine symptoms such as arm pain and fever may occur

Benefits of participation:

Participating in this trial will help our research into the development of a safe and effective vaccine against Ebola virus disease.

Trial Sponsor

University of Oxford

Trial Funder

Innovate UK (A UK Governmental research funding body)


Professor Teresa Lambe (Lead Scientist)

Dr Paola Cicconi (Chief Investigator)

Dr Daniel Jenkin (Principal Investigator)


Is there any reimbursement for the trial?

Yes, you will be reimbursed at set rates for your time, inconvenience and travel which for this study will be approximately £370.

What happens if I sign up but don’t want to carry on with the study?

Participation is voluntary and you are free to change your mind and withdraw at any time.

What’s next?

Please ensure you read the full Participant Information Sheet.

If you are interested in taking part, please click here to apply via the pre-screening questionnaire.

If you have any other questions about participating then don’t hesitate to contact the trial team by email at