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Research groups

Samantha Vermaak

Co-Investigator & Executive Manager VALIDATE Vaccine R&D Network

Sam is the Executive Manager and Co-Investigator of the VALIDATE vaccine R&D Network. VALIDATE is an international research network led by Prof Helen McShane (University of Oxford, UK) and Prof Samantha Sampson (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) aiming to accelerate vaccine development for complex neglected intracellular pathogens, focusing on tuberculosis (TB), leishmaniasis, melioidosis and leprosy. The network also aims to build capacity in LMICs, connect industry and academia, and facilitate career development for Early Career Researchers, via our many activities. VALIDATE membership is free, and VALIDATE follows a One Health and interdisciplinary ethos so welcomes anyone working on any research area that could inform vaccine development for our focus pathogens. We now have over 650 members from more than 70 countries worldwide forming an engaged and interactive community. Find out more about VALIDATE at

Previously the Jenner Institute’s TB Vaccine Programme Manager, Sam has extensive experience in project management, managing clinical trials in the UK and overseas, research grant management, working with industry partners, and managing Consortiums. Do get in contact with her for any queries about VALIDATE.