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Ilaria Onofrio

Research Assistant

Gonococcal Vaccine Project

Ilaria holds a Bsc in Biothecnology from University of Perugia (Italy) and the University College of Cork (Ireland) where she studied for one semester as an Erasmus student.

After completing her BSc she was selected for a 6 month traineeship at the Mary Lion Centre (MRC Harwell campus) in the frozen embryo and sperm archive laboratory where she worked with murine models and gained experience in ovary and epididymis dissections, sperm harvesting and freezing, in vitro fertilisation recovery and embryo freezing.

She then moved in the research centre within MRC Harwell in Steve Brown’s group. Her project consisted in the use mouse models to study infectious and chronic middle disease (otitis media), carrying out in-depth analysis to look at the interaction between the bacteria and infected host, with a particular emphasis on the host immune system, in order to better understand how the infection develops and how disease may be remedied.

She joined the Gonococcal vaccine project group in February 2021 as Immunology Research Assistant.