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Research groups

Gerardo Montalvo Zurbia Flores

BSc, MSc

DPhil Candidate in Clinical Medicine

Reyes-Sandoval Group

I am a DPhil student at the Jenner Institute and the Nuffield Department of Medicine supervised by Professor Arturo Reyes-Sandoval, Dr. Christina Dold, Professor Christine Rollier, and Dr. Lorena Preciado-Llanes.

During the time I have spent in the Reyes Group, I have collaborated in the development of novel vaccines against several arthropod-borne virus, including Dengue virus (DENV), Zika virus (ZIKV), Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), and Yellow Fever Virus (YFV); with my research primarily focusing in the development of an arbovirus multi-disease vaccine.

Before starting my DPhil, I studied an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and completed a MSc in Medical Virology at the University in Manchester. During this time, I completed research projects for the retrospective analysis of the neuraminidase gene of 2009pdm Influenza, and the development of a Baculovirus protein expression system of the Varicella-zoster virus  (VZV) Glycoprotein in insect cells, respectively.

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