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Alexandra Sanchez Martinez

DPhil Student

Milicic Group

I studied an undergraduate degree in Biology and completed an MSc in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Antioquia, Colombia. During this time, I conducted research projects on the characterization of the functional profile of HIV-specific CD8+ T-cells. From there, I joined the Erasmus Master in Leading International Vaccinology Education, a two-year program in multidisciplinary studies in Vaccinology, coordinated by the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France.

To complete my Master's research, I joined the Vaccine Formulation and Adjuvants Group led by Dr. Anita Milicic at the Jenner Institute to research the vaccine-immune responses after combining different formulations and adjuvants using mouse and human ex vivo models. My main interest is to understand the mechanistic pathways of adjuvants in the innate and adaptive immune systems for the rational development of more effective vaccines.