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An open dataset of Plasmodium falciparum genome variation in 7,000 worldwide samples

Journal article

Ahouidi A. et al, (2021), Wellcome Open Research, 6, 42 - 42

Endemic chikungunya fever in Kenyan children: a prospective cohort study.

Journal article

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Individual-level variations in malaria susceptibility and acquisition of clinical protection

Journal article

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Evaluating the Performance of Malaria Genetics for Inferring Changes in Transmission Intensity Using Transmission Modeling

Journal article

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Immunogenicity and safety of fractional doses of yellow fever vaccines: a randomised, double-blind, non-inferiority trial.

Journal article

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Seroprevalence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies in Kenyan blood donors.

Journal article

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The relationship between facility-based malaria test positivity rate and community-based parasite prevalence

Journal article

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Genome variation and population structure among 1142 mosquitoes of the African malaria vector species Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles coluzzii.

Journal article

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Impact of Plasmodium falciparum small-sized extracellular vesicles on host peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Journal article

Mwangi SJ. et al, (2020), Wellcome Open Research, 5, 197 - 197

Third human challenge trial conference, Oxford, United Kingdom, February 6-7, 2020, a meeting report.

Conference paper

Pollard AJ. et al, (2020), Biologicals : journal of the International Association of Biological Standardization, 66, 41 - 52

Malaria infection, disease and mortality among children and adults on the coast of Kenya.

Journal article

Kamau A. et al, (2020), Malaria journal, 19

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