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Appropriately aggregate holistic technologies via accurate expertise. Intrinsicly strategize worldwide initiatives and premium methodologies.

Insights on the Regeneration Potential of Müller Glia in the Mammalian Retina

Journal article

Salman A. et al, (2021), Cells, 10, 1957 - 1957

Dissection-independent production of Plasmodium sporozoites from whole mosquitoes.

Journal article

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COVID-19 vaccines: Global challenges and prospects forum recommendations.

Journal article

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A P. falciparum NF54 Reporter Line Expressing mCherry-Luciferase in Gametocytes, Sporozoites, and Liver-Stages.

Journal article

Marin-Mogollon C. et al, (2019), Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 9

A Plasmodium berghei sporozoite-based vaccination platform against human malaria

Journal article

Mendes AM. et al, (2018), npj Vaccines, 3

DOPS Adjuvant Confers Enhanced Protection against Malaria for VLP-TRAP Based Vaccines

Journal article

Cabral-Miranda G. et al, (2018), Diseases, 6, 107 - 107

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