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Participants and faculty at the 2017 'Vaccinology in Africa' Course, Entebbe, Uganda.
The 2017 'Vaccinology in Africa’ course took place from 24-28th April, hosted by the Makerere University/UVRI Infection and Immunity Research Training Programme (MUII) in Entebbe. These five-day courses are jointly organised by the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford and the host African research institute, and supported by the Jenner Vaccine Foundation and other partners.
The courses are specifically aimed at students, researchers and professionals resident in Africa and cover the main aspects of vaccinology, the vaccine development process, biomanufacturing, regulatory and ethical issues. The courses have an exceptional faculty of academic and industrial speakers, and resonates with the ‘One Health’ agenda by highlighting human and veterinary links and synergies between the two fields from scientific, technological and regulatory perspectives. The courses are fully funded for successful applicants and covers travel within the African region, accommodation and meals.

The 2017 course was open to residents of East Africa only, covering all countries within the United Nations definition of the region:

The course alternates between African regions and previous courses have been held at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research in Accra, Ghana (2013), at the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya (2014) and the Malaria Research and Training Centre & Centre d’Infectiologie Charles Mérieux in Bamako, Mali (2015).

Speakers at the 2017 Course

Dr Pip Beard, The Pirbright Institute, UK

Prof Philip Bejon, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya

Assist. Prof Steve Cose, MUII-Plus, Uganda

Dr Bryan Charleston, The Pirbright Institute, UK

Prof Alison Elliott, MUII-Plus, Uganda

Prof Sarah Gilbert, Jenner Institute, University of Oxford

Prof Sir Brian Greenwood, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Prof Adrian Hill, Jenner Institute, University of Oxford

Dr Vish Nene, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya

Dr Anne Wajja, MUII-Plus, Uganda

Dr Deborah Watson-Jones, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Prof Maria Yazdanbakhsh, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands 

Course Programme

Day 1: Principles of Vaccinology

  • Overview of human and veterinary vaccinology
  • The vaccine development pathway – an industry perspective
  • Vaccine Immunology
  • Veterinary vaccine development: some major needs
  • Building vaccine clinical trial centres and capacities  in Mali

Day 2: Vaccine technologies & their development

  • Vaccine immunogenicity & correlates of protection in clinical trials
  • New technologies: vectored vaccines
  • Adjuvants for vaccines
  • New technologies: vectored vaccines
  • Conjugate and other pneumococcal vaccines
  • Foot and mouth disease vaccines  
  • Alphavirus Vaccines - VEE and CHIKV vaccines 
  • An industrial perspective on vaccine development, especially for neglected diseases
  • Immunomonitoring in endemic areas – tutorial session

Day 3: Major Vaccine Targets

  • Policy development and new vaccine introduction
  • Malaria Vaccines
  • Tuberculosis vaccine trials
  • Meningococcal vaccines for Africa
  • Vaccines for enteric pathogens
  • Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) and other veterinary vaccines
  • Public and Media perception of vaccines
  • Workshop on vaccine design

Day 4: Vaccine Development and Clinical Trials 

  • Phase I/II trials in the vaccine’s country of origin
  • Good Clinical Practice in African trials
  • Epidemiology and  aspects of the design of  vaccine field trials
  • Safety considerations in the conduct of clinical trials of candidate vaccines
  • Statistical Analysis of vaccine trials
  • QC and QA processes in vaccine trials
  • HIV vaccine trials
  • Influenza vaccines

Day 5: Vaccine Development in Developing Countries

  • Vaccine Manufacturing
  • Malaria vaccine trials in Mali
  • Veterinary Vaccine Development in ILRI - ILRI livestock (bovine) vaccine targets (East Coast Fever)
  • Outbreak pathogen vaccines – a neglected need
  • Managing the Ebola outbreak in Mali
  • Regulatory and ethical issues in vaccine development & deployment in African settings
  • Large scale funding opportunities: EDCTP, Gates, Wellcome & others