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History of the COVID-19 VACCINE

The Oxford / AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is estimated to have saved more than six million lives – more than any other COVID vaccine, during the first year of use. Read more here


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Health information

In light of the ongoing high rates of COVID-19 nationally, the continuation of the government’s ‘Plan B’ measures, and the latest guidance for higher education providers issued by the Department for Education, the University has agreed the following measures.

Health measures: Face coverings are essential for reducing the spread of COVID-19 and should be worn by all staff and students when moving around University buildings. Members of staff conducting teaching are not required to wear face coverings, to support education delivery. Social distancing is not formally required. However, staff and students are expected to respect each other’s space, using the experience of the last two years.

Working arrangements: Staff who are able to work from home are expected to continue doing so where possible. However, the University is fully open for teaching and research, and buildings remain open and should be accessible to all staff. As such, staff are expected to work on site to support in-person teaching, research and wider University operations where necessary.

Please refer to the University of Oxford Health page for updated health guidance.

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