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We encourage you to discuss the opportunity to participate in one of our trials with relatives and friends.

consent.jpegBefore you take part in any trial, the trial clinician will talk you through the informed consent process. This makes sure that you know exactly what we are asking of you and that you understand completely what your involvement means.

If you have any concerns or queries before you volunteer to participate, or when you are enrolled and an active participant, you can discuss these with a member of our clinic team.

If for any reason you do not want to continue your participation, you can withdraw from the study at any time.  You don’t even need to tell us the reason for your withdrawal.  You may just be asked to attend for a final blood test purely for safety precautions.   


The data that we obtain from you will be strictly confidential. You will be assigned a study number which is used as the identifier in our database and makes you completely anonymous to everyone except the research study nurses, study doctors and the study administrator. 
This database is stored on a secure server at the Information Management Service Unit (IMSU) at the John Radcliffe Hospital. The IMSU is routinely handling sensitive information and procedures are in place to ensure the highest possible data security and integrity.