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RIP2-deficiency induces inflammation in response to SV40 Large T induced genotoxic stress through altered ROS homeostasis

Journal article

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TLR Agonists as Vaccine Adjuvants Targeting Cancer and Infectious Diseases.

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Inflammasome-Mediated Immunogenicity of Clinical and Experimental Vaccine Adjuvants

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Non-canonical Caspase-1 Signaling Drives RIP2-Dependent and TNF-α-Mediated Inflammation In Vivo.

Journal article

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An optimized whole blood assay measuring expression and activity of NLRP3, NLRC4 and AIM2 inflammasomes.

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Kit Regulates HSC Engraftment across the Human-Mouse Species Barrier

Journal article

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Early islet xenograft dysfunction in humanized mice

Conference paper

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