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Appropriately aggregate holistic technologies via accurate expertise. Intrinsicly strategize worldwide initiatives and premium methodologies.

MHC class II invariant chain-adjuvanted viral vectored vaccines enhances T cell responses in humans.

Journal article

Esposito I. et al, (2020), Science translational medicine, 12

Impairment of CD8 T cell memory in DAA treated HCV/HIV co-infected patients

Conference paper

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Soluble plasma programmed death 1 (PD-1) and Tim-3 in primary HIV infection.

Journal article

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Rational Zika vaccine design via the modulation of antigen membrane anchors in chimpanzee adenoviral vectors

Journal article

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Mechanisms of Abrupt Loss of Virus Control in a Cohort of Previous HIV Controllers

Journal article

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LBP-002: Novel ImmTAV molecules for the treatment of HBV

Conference paper

(2018), Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 25, 194 - 194

CD32-Expressing CD4 T Cells Are Phenotypically Diverse and Can Contain Proviral HIV DNA

Journal article

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Therapeutic HPV vaccines

Journal article

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Therapeutic Targeting of HIV Reservoirs: How to Give T Cells a New Direction.

Journal article

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Pathophysiology of ischaemic heart disease

Journal article

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