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Arianna Marini

Postdoctoral Scientist

I am a Postdoctoral scientist working with Prof. Sumi Biswas in the Transmission-Blocking Malaria Vaccine (TBV) group. My research mainly focuses on the preclinical investigation of vaccine candidates against sexual- and mosquito- stages of malaria parasites Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax. I work on protein-based vaccines, investigating not only different antigens, but also different vaccine-delivery platforms.

I obtained my BSc in Molecular Biological Sciences at the University of Pisa, and my MSc in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Siena. I then completed my PhD in Vaccine Design and Immune Responses, a Marie Curie ITN- European Industrial Doctorate between the University of Birmingham and the former Novartis Vaccine Institute for Global Health. My PhD project focused on meningococcal vaccines for Africa, based on outer membrane vesicles.

While completing my PhD, I worked as Research Assistant in the Division of Structural Biology, here at the University of Oxford; this experience gave me the opportunity to explore the world of electron microscopy.

My main interest is not limited to malaria, but spreads across all the scary and deadly pathogens out there, and how to fight them with innovative effective vaccines.