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Just published: Gates Foundation book on Grand Challenge projects

Posted 12/02/2016
A ten year retrospective has now been published online, including an overview of the Grand Challenge project Enhancing the efficacy and immunogeniciy of vectored vaccines headed by Adrian Hill.

Blueprint: Oxford's Ebola experience

Posted 08/02/2016

Outbreak: Lessons from Ebola. On 6 December 2013 a two-year-old boy called Emile Ouamouno died of a serious illness in a small village in Guinea. A month later Emile’s three-year-old sister, his mother and grandmother were all dead. This was the start of an Ebola epidemic that swept through West Africa in 2014, killing over 11,000 people and infecting nearly 30,000.

Synthetic biologists use bacterial superglue for faster vaccine development

Posted 21/01/2016

An interdisciplinary team of Oxford University researchers has devised a new technique to speed up the development of novel vaccines.

WT IITM DPhil programme

Posted 13/11/2015

Applications are now open for the prestigious Wellcome Trust funded 4 year PhD programme in Infection, Immunology and Translational Medicine.

£17 million HIV vaccine project launched

£17 million HIV vaccine project launched

Posted 13/11/2015
Professor Tomas Hanke is part of the European Aids Initiative project that brings together HIV researchers form across the world to develop protective and therapeutic HIV vaccines.
Transmission-blocking malaria vaccine tested

Transmission-blocking malaria vaccine tested

Posted 13/11/2015
The Jenner Institute has started phase I clinical trials testing a vaccine that tries to inhibit the growth of eggs in malaria mosquitoes, thus preventing malaria transmission from one person to another.

Vaccinology in Africa Course 2015

Posted 14/09/2015

5th to 9th October 2015, Bamako, Mali. Following the success of the first two “Vaccinology in Africa” courses held in Accra, Ghana (September 2013), and Nairobi Kenya (October 2014), this year’s annual course will be joint hosted by the Malaria Research and Training Centre (MRTC), Bamako Mali and ...

Jenner Institute Triennial Report 2011-2014

Posted 29/07/2015

Just published - the report covers a summary of progress across the Institute's portfolio of research programmes and update on latest activities. 

The Institute has expanded substantially in the last 10 years with several enlarging groups, strategic recruitments and a broadening base of funders from four continents. Recently, the Institute’s capacity to undertake small scale first-in-human trials very rapidly was illustrated by the request from the  World Health Organization to undertake, with collaborators, the first trial of a new Ebola vaccine destined for West Africa in the 2014 outbreak.

Ebola vaccine trial begins in Senegal

Posted 14/07/2015

A clinical trial to evaluate an Ebola vaccine has begun in Dakar, Senegal, after initial research started at the Jenner Institute, Oxford University. The first volunteers of the trial at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire le Dantec in Dakar received an initial vaccination at the start of July, with a booster vaccination one week later. While this is a short timescale for immunisation, if proved successful it would provide an option to respond to an Ebola outbreak with a rapid vaccination programme.

There's no excuse for our lack of a MERS vaccine

Posted 17/06/2015

LONDON, June 15 (Reuters) - Three years after the mysterious  MERS virus first emerged in humans, scientists and drugmakers  say there is no excuse for not having a vaccine that could have  protected those now falling sick and dying in South Korea. "The question is: How long are we going to wait around and  just follow these outbreaks before we get serious about making  vaccines?" said Adrian Hill, a professor and director at the  Jenner Institute at Britain's Oxford University.

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