Professor Peter Mertens

Prof Mertens’ group was responsible for development of the diagnostic assays and molecular epidemiology systems, that were used to identify and track virus movements during recent bluetongue outbreaks in Europe, contributing to the eradication of the bluetongue virus from the UK in 2008. He also played a central role in determination of the atomic structure of the bluetongue virus core particle, in Collaboration with David Stuart’s group, still the largest single molecular structure determined to date.
Professor Mertens has written over 180 scientific papers on these viruses has supervised over 20 Ph.D. students and is currently a Visiting Professor within the Department of Veterinary Medicine, at the University of Glasgow, as well as a Fellow of the Society of Biology and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is co-chair of the Reoviridae study Group for ICTV and a member of the Bluetongue Committee for USAHA, and is currently working on next generation vaccines for bluetongue and African horse sickness viruses.

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