Big Data in Viral Hepatitis

Project Overview

There is an active programme of viral hepatitis research in Oxford, spanning clinical trials, global health, epidemiology, basic science and vaccine design for both hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infection (HBV and HCV). The current era of ‘Big Data’ presents an important and growing opportunity for collation and mining of clinical and research data to answer questions around the clinical presentation, epidemiology and pathogenesis of chronic viral hepatitis.

Through collaboration with the National Institutes of Health Research (NIHR) Health Informatics Collaborative (HIC), our groups are involved in the development of a pipeline to collect and anonymise clinical data from Oxford, and progressively to link this with data from other UK hospitals. This PhD project will involve working with the HIC team, clinicians and researchers to expand and develop data collection and analysis, with the aim of building a robust characterisation of chronic viral hepatitis in different settings in the UK.

We also have links to new patient cohorts in South Africa, from where we will be able to access growing clinical and research datasets. 

We aim to derive outputs that include:

Training Opportunities

This project represents an opportunity to play a role in an active consortium of viral hepatitis research with links across the UK and internationally, including collaboration with clinical cohorts in sub-Saharan Africa.

Links to the HIC team and local bioinformaticians will support development of skills in data management, coding, statistics and population epidemiology. You will be offered the opportunity to attend relevant training courses in Oxford and further afield, and will be encouraged to present your work at national and international meetings, and through publication.


Immunology & Infectious Disease and Clinical Trials & Epidemiology


Project reference number: 990

Funding and admissions information


Name Department Institution Country Email
Associate Professor Philippa Matthews FRCP FRCPath Experimental Medicine Division Oxford University, Peter Medawar Building GBR
Professor Ellie (Eleanor) Barnes Experimental Medicine Division Oxford University, Peter Medawar Building GBR
Professor Paul Klenerman Experimental Medicine Division Oxford University, Peter Medawar Building GBR

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