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If the PI has secured an extension/supplement/date change agreement with the Funder of their project they need to inform the Grants Team by sending the confirmation document and the completed Jenner Costing Request Form (Sections 1 & 2). The Grants team is responsible for costing the amendment and contacting Research Services and Research Accounts to request the change to the Award on Oracle.

Once the amendment has been costed, all parts have been completed and all forms have been signed, the Grants Team will submit the amendment to Research Services for approval. It is important that prospective applicants contact the Grants Team at least 3 weeks prior to the funder deadline, or as early as notification is received to discuss their amendment.

All funding requests, supplements and extensions on behalf of the University of Oxford need to be approved by the University's Research Services. Research Services require a minimum of 5 working days* to check and approve grant amendments and request changes to the Award on Oracle.

Note: Please do not provide budget figures (even informally) to any Funder without consulting the Research Grants Team.

Note: The Jenner Research Costing Process and Request Form should be used for all submission requests including; Outline, Trial Costing, Application, Re-cost Application, Transfer-In, Award, Date Change, Extension, Supplement and Supplement Extension.