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The Jenner Institute has a departmental Barclaycard which is available to all staff to use in exceptional circumstances. In order to be able to use the Barclaycard you must have explored all other possible ways of making the purchase, including:

  • Payment by raising a purchase order through R12 and then paying a supplier invoice
  • Using an alternative supplier who will accept the above
  • The cost being covered by the individual and claimed back through the expense claim process

If you have explored all other options and you feel that using the Barclaycard is the only suitable way to make your purchase you should complete the Barclaycard Requisition Form in full and submit this to Paul McNulty and Becky Norris for review.

Once your Grant code has been checked with the Finance & Grants Office, the purchase will be made for you and you will be notified when this has taken place.

**Please ensure that all receipts/confirmation emails you receive are forwarded to Matthew France in readiness for when the Barclaycard statement requires reconciliation **