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Please review the following guidelines before placing a requisition over £1000.  If you have any queries on these procedures please contact the Accounts Department.

Here is a useful link to The University's Purchasing Website.

Goods & Services Over £100,000 Excluding VAT

  • Tender process must be managed by the University Purchasing Department
  • End-users provide the specification, evaluation criteria and are involved in supplier selection

Goods & Services Between £25,000 And £100,000 Excluding VAT

  • Tender process must be conducted by the department unless funded by Research Councils (see note below)
  • The University Purchasing Department offers advice and assistance

IMPORTANT - Exception For Research Councils

  • Where the contract value is more than £25,000 (ex-VAT), the University Purchasing Department must be consulted:
  1. Before the procurement process begins
  2. At the market research stage (where appropriate)
  • The University Purchasing Department must approve the order/contract before it is placed
  • NOTE: other research funders may have specific terms and conditions relating to purchasing. These should be verified on award.

Goods & Services Between £1,000 and £25,000 Excluding VAT

  • If you are using a preferred supplier, no quotation is required
  • For all other suppliers two or more written quotations must be sought

  • Please use the tender exemption form here if two quotations cannot be found
  • Quotations must be provided in writing and include sufficient detail which will be used when raising a purchase order

Goods & Services Less Than £1,000 Excluding VAT

  • There is no requirement to obtain a price confirmation when using a preferred supplier

  • When using other suppliers, a price confirmation must be sought prior to raising a purchase order or making any commitment to the supplier

  • Here is a list of University Preferred Suppliers