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Expense claims can be completed to reimburse costs to an individual for all eligible business related costs. To claim back expenses please complete the Expense Claim Form and submit to the Accounts Payable Officer.

Further guidance on how to complete the expense claim form can also be found on the University Website.


When completing the expense claim form, please ensure you have included the following:

  • Full details are entered, including claimant's address, bank details and employee number
  • Grant code is specified
  • All receipts are original
  • All hotel receipts are full breakdowns
  • If foreign currency has been converted please quote the date, rate and source of conversion
  • The claim has been signed by the claimant and also a supervisor. These signatures must be originals

Staff Entertainment

If your expense claim also includes reimbursement for entertaining guests, which is deemed taxable, you need to complete an additional form. The conditions for your entertaining to be classed as non-taxable are as follows:

  • The event is regular in nature and not a one-off; and
  • The event is open to staff generally within the department and not limited to specific groups; and
  • The total cost of all such events in any one tax year does not exceed £150 per head

Please note that if your entertaining does not meet all of the criteria above, you will need to fill out the Taxable Entertaining Form and list all of the staff involved. This must also be approved by your Departmental Administrator and Head of Department before being included with your expense claim form.

You can find this form and the instructions on how to complete it on the University Website

**Please note it will take between 2 and 3 weeks for the funds to reach your bank account**