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The ordering of IT hardware and software should be channelled through the IT Manager. The Jenner has adopted a standardised approach to general research and office based equipment and strongly recommends the following list of machines.

Hardware is supported for 4-5 years depending on warrenty, after this it is expexted that the machine is replaced.  Anyone using old hardware without warrrenty does so on the understanding that they resolve local issues and data loss will at some point occur.  It is not recomended.

Recommended Laptops

Latitude 7480


Jenner Institute standard for laptops, this is the ultimate in portable laptops combining both speed and performance.  Other options avaialbe for specialist applications.  Please contacnt the IT Manager for more information.


Recommended Desktops

Optiplex Range All In One (AIO) Range
optiplex.jpeg 336505-dell-optiplex-9020-aio-angle.jpeg
A good machine to connect to equipment, offers an external graphics card and expandable memory. The Jenner Institute standard, perfect for every day scientific use.