Scientific Advisory Board

The aim of the Scientific Advisory Board is to advise The Jenner Institute on both specific vaccine programmes and on the overall strategy and organisational structure of the Institute's activities.

The Board is convened on an annual basis and the first meeting was held 28-29th April 2008.

Board Members:

Prof Jonathan Heeney (Chair), University of Cambridge

Prof Ivan Morrison (Vice-Chair), University of Edinburgh

Dr Rene Aerts, Independent Consultant, Veterinary Vaccines

Prof Jeffrey Almond, Visiting Professor, University of Oxford

Dr Steve Chatfield, Independent Consultant, Human Vaccines

Dr Tim Doel, Independent Consultant, Veterinary Vaccines

Prof Bruno M Goddeeris, University of Louvain

Prof Margaret Liu, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Dr Bonnie Mathieson, NIH, Bethesda

Dr James Merson, Pfizer, San Diego

Dr Alfredo Nicosia, Okairos, Rome

Prof Albert Osterhaus, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Dr Allan Saul, GSK, Siena