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Jenner Institute Triennial Report 2011-2014

Posted 29/07/2015

Just published - the report covers a summary of progress across the Institute's portfolio of research programmes and update on latest activities. 

The Institute has expanded substantially in the last 10 years with several enlarging groups, strategic recruitments and a broadening base of funders from four continents. Recently, the Institute’s capacity to undertake small scale first-in-human trials very rapidly was illustrated by the request from the  World Health Organization to undertake, with collaborators, the first trial of a new Ebola vaccine destined for West Africa in the 2014 outbreak.

Ebola vaccine trial begins in Senegal

Posted 14/07/2015

A clinical trial to evaluate an Ebola vaccine has begun in Dakar, Senegal, after initial research started at the Jenner Institute, Oxford University. The first volunteers of the trial at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire le Dantec in Dakar received an initial vaccination at the start of July, with a booster vaccination one week later. While this is a short timescale for immunisation, if proved successful it would provide an option to respond to an Ebola outbreak with a rapid vaccination programme.

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Prof Peter Crompton (Malaria Infection Biology and Immunity Unit, NIAID): Unravelling the cellular and molecular basis of naturally acquired immunity to malaria, 03 Aug 12:00

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Clinical trials are an essential part of vaccine development, and our volunteers play a critical role in our studies.

If you would like to find out more about paid clinical trials, and what is involved in participating, please go to our Recruiting Trials page to see which trials are currently recruiting.

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