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New grant for research to reduce use of primates in TB vaccine

Posted 23/05/2017

Jenner scientist Dr Rachel Tanner has been awarded an NC3Rs Skills and Knowledge Transfer Grant for the transfer of a novel non-human primate in vitro mycobacterial growth inhibition assay. The assay will be transferred to Public Health England and the Biomedical Primate Research Centre, with the aim of refining and reducing use of non-human primate TB infection models in the early evaluation of TB vaccine candidates.

Africa-Europe partnership launched to develop new AIDS vaccine

Posted 22/05/2017

A new partnership has been formed between European and African researchers to develop an AIDS vaccine that can be used to prevent infection with different strains of HIV worldwide. The partnership, which is led by Prof Tomáš Hanke at the Jenner Institute, will evaluate a new vaccine that triggers the body to produce T-cells, at four sites in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Professor Tomáš Hanke said: 'There is enormous variation between HIV strains worldwide, which as well as making treatment difficult, has also been an obstacle to developing a vaccine. By using small parts common to most HIV strains, if successful, the vaccine could be used around the world, especially in Africa which is most affected by the HIV pandemic.'

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A review of Phase I trials of Ebola virus vaccines: what can we learn from the race to develop novel vaccines? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 372 (1721), pp. 20160295-20160295. Article

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