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The Jenner Institute is a research partnership between the University of Oxford and The Pirbright Institute.

The Institute focuses on the parallel development of human and vetinary vaccines against major global diseases - from early-stage research through to clinical trials.

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Vaccinology in Africa Course 2015

Posted 22/04/2015

Applications are now open for this year's 'Vaccinology in Africa' Master's level course, held in Bamako, Mali, from 5 - 9 October. Over 20 top international and regional vaccinology experts will be teaching 40 participants from West and Central Africa in human and veterinary vaccinology.

Application deadline: 1 June 2015.

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Clinical trials are an essential part of vaccine development, and our volunteers play a critical role in our studies.

If you would like to find out more about paid clinical trials, and what is involved in participating, please go to our Recruiting Trials page to see which trials are currently recruiting.

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Dr Damien Chaussabel (Director, Systems Biology Department, Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar Foundation): Transcriptomics Seminar: Democratizing Systems Approaches for Human Immunology and Clinical Studies , 07 May 13:00

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Evaluation of the Efficacy of ChAd63-MVA Vectored Vaccines Expressing Circumsporozoite Protein and ME-TRAP Against Controlled Human Malaria Infection in Malaria-Naive Individuals. J Infect Dis , 211 (7)
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Early kinetics of HLA class I-associated peptidome of MVA.HIVconsv-infected cells. J Virol
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