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The Jenner Institute is a research partnership between the University of Oxford and The Pirbright Institute.

The Institute focuses on the parallel development of human and veterinary vaccines against major global diseases - from early-stage research through to clinical trials.

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The global response to Ebola: Implications on future drug & vaccine development

Posted 26/06/2015

03:00 PM 15 July, Saïd Business School, Oxford

Join us for what is certain to be an informative and enthralling discussion about how entrepreneurs, academics, industry professionals and governments can learn lessons from the collaborative approach used to fight Ebola, and how this can lead to revolutionary new approaches in drug discovery & development.

There's no excuse for our lack of a MERS vaccine

Posted 17/06/2015

LONDON, June 15 (Reuters) - Three years after the mysterious  MERS virus first emerged in humans, scientists and drugmakers  say there is no excuse for not having a vaccine that could have  protected those now falling sick and dying in South Korea. "The question is: How long are we going to wait around and  just follow these outbreaks before we get serious about making  vaccines?" said Adrian Hill, a professor and director at the  Jenner Institute at Britain's Oxford University.

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Prof Peter Crompton (Malaria Infection Biology and Immunity Unit, NIAID): Unravelling the cellular and molecular basis of naturally acquired immunity to malaria, 03 Aug 12:00

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an essential part of vaccine development, and our volunteers play a critical role in our studies.

If you would like to find out more about paid clinical trials, and what is involved in participating, please go to our Recruiting Trials page to see which trials are currently recruiting.