Dr Jing Jin

Address: The Jenner Institute, Old Road Campus Research Building
Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7DQ
Tel: +44 (0)1865 617643
Email: jing.jin@ndm.ox.ac.uk
Principal areas of research: Process development, protein expression, chromatography


One key challenge of translation medicine is the need to bring promising candidates from the laboratory and into the clinic in the shortest time possible, also in an academic setting, at the lowest cost possible without compromising on product quality and patient safety.

Currently, I am working on the GMP process development of the leading Malaria blood-stage protein vaccine candidate, PfRH5 (Draper group). Best practice and, wherever possible, the latest technology, such as single-use system, has been employed to improve process robustness and economics. Also, I am overseeing the protein production facility in the laboratory for the ever increasing number of pre-clinical projects. My research interests focus on developing a platform process in order to increase research throughput.

I completed my PhD in Biochemical Engineering at UCL, the Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC) in Bioprocessing, optimising the HBsAg VLP process. Before joining the Jenner Institute, I was working in the industry leading the process development and the eventual commercial launch of a number of novel viral and bacterial antigens.